Sunday, March 7, 2010

Melody For My Soul

I have to admit, and I have covered this well with my therapist, that I am very sad and lonely! I am grateful for the nuts and bolts that sustain the necessities of life, but some things, like my job take so much of my energy and leave very little time for me. I mean, you have no idea what it takes to engage a class of 22 sixth graders in this age of technology and entertainment. At their age I had music, sports and 2 channels on my TV. These kids have the world at their finger tips. I sing, dance, plead, laugh, story tell and use just about every bit of energy I have. To a degree it works. I have a reputation for connecting with kids...especially the tough ones! It is just so obvious that so many kids are broken, from broken homes, and they don't have their emotional needs met. I have to teach kids that are not in a place where learning is possible, or a priority in the hierarchy of things for them.

Anyhow, I have been listening to my inner voice and I know I need to make a better effort at this life I am living. I need to get in shape physically as well as spiritually. The first thing my therapist said when Vicki got sick was, "EXERCISE!" Exercise to help deal with stress and exercise to have the energy to cope. I haven't got the energy I once had. I have remained slender but my energy is crap!

Now to music.....I find myself gravitating to softer, beautiful melodies in music. This might not appeal to some who'd rather hear more hard driving stuff, and believe me I have a very diverse interest in music. Vicki once came into my music room with a smile and I asked her what she was smiling about, and she said, "You listen to so many kinds of music!" I may have listened to the 1812 Overture, then Madonna, then Led Zeppelin and some New Age like maybe George Winston or anything off of the Windham Hill label, and any sound from almost any decade starting with the 50's. Back to making my original point, I think I am gravitating to beautiful soothing melodies cause that is what my soul desires......comfort, beauty, peace, rest, healing, and meditation. I think music goes straight to our need and even mirrors the metaphysical waves the emanate from the cosmos to our souls and from our souls to the cosmos! WHEW! I just need the opposite of discord! So here is a song that I love, from a voice that I love, by a young newer artist..Colbie Caillat...."I Won't." By the way, her father was the engineer and co-producer of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours!

During our winter vacation, I was able to locate a Roland Orzabal solo Cd released in 2001, and I love it. His lyrics can tend to be obtuse, but the themes tend to be about openness, dealing with pain, communication, and introspection.....remember his Tears for Fears songs like SHOUT and Cd's like The Hurting. This song is "For the Love of Cain." I have posted the lyrics as well!

If I said I was Abel
Would you know my name?
I've swung from the trees
in the Garden of Eden
And I have shorn off my mane
I've got no horns sticking out
I've got no sting in my tail
I've got no sins to pluck out
Because I do so well
And maybe I can raise the stakes
For the love of Cain
For the love of Cain
We'll dissolve our schemes
And indulge our dreams
For the love of Cain
If you look out your window
With your Sunday smile
If you walk hand in hand
through the Valley of Evil
You walk the miracle mile
I just need someone to love
straight from the cradle to the grave
Maybe it's you I'm thinking of
Because I know your game
And maybe I can raise the stakes
For the love of Cain
For the love of Cain
We'll dissolve our schemes
And indulge our dreams
For the love of Cain

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  1. are sounding stronger and more resolute. Praises for that grace. That is great wisdom on the exercise. I think I'll give it a try.

    Thanks for being so open on your post. I have loved getting to know you in a deeper way.