Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 1964

Today is Vicki's Birthday. We promised her that we would still celebrate her birthday as an extra special remembrance for her. So in spite of the weather we bought a cake and Bailey and I will take a moment to reflect on the special person she was and how we are grateful that she was a part of our life. We received a card in the mail from a teacher friend of Vicki's and inside she included a poem that a third grade girl had written about Vicki for her Real Women Essay. The poem was titled Mrs. Forfa...

Mrs. Forfa

She is a role
model to me
because she was
good in Math
and she always
was happy and
never sad. She
was really smart
and fun. We always
made cool projects
and cool stuff
with her. She was
really nice. She was
my 3rd grade teacher
who died in the middle
of the year and she
was very pretty. She
had short blonde hair
and she always wore
nice clothes. She was
very funny and she was
an awesome teacher.
Mrs. Forfa's class missed
her and still does, but
she's in a
better place
now and I'm
happy about

I thought a bit about a song to post and decided on one by Sade from a Cd called Lovers Rock. Vicki kept this Cd in her car and she listened to it a lot. I really wanted a song that she listened to on this post!

Quietly while you were asleep
the moon and I were talking
I asked that she'd always keep you protected
She promised you her light
That you so gracefully carry
You bring your light
and shine like morning
And then the wind
pulls the clouds across the moon
Your light fills the darkest room
And I can see the miracle
That keeps us from falling
She promised all the sweetest gifts
That only the heaven's could bestow
You bring your light and shine like morning
And as you so gracefully give
Her light as long as you live
"I'll always remember this moment."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Every Little Kiss

Like a punch in the stomach, today was as sad and low as I have felt in a long time! I mean cry real tears by yourself sadness. I had a great therapy session yesterday and we talked a lot about what I can do for myself to make life better, sweeter for me (and that doesn't mean that Vicki is forgotten or that grieving is done.) When we looked at it together, life has been pretty rough for me for since about 2004...a real Dark Night of the Soul for sure! There is just so much sadness inside of me....I feel it, and today some needed to get out.

I spent much of today converting more of my Cd's to lossless Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. I even uploaded the Cd's that Vicki had in her car, some of which I bought for her. Carly Simon, James Taylor, Sade, and more. So I heard lots of music that I haven't listened to in a while. MUSIC REALLY IS A VERY GOOD FRIEND! This song stuck from a very good CD. In fact, the best cut on the CD is The Way It Is. The cut I am posting is EVERY LITTLE KISS!

I never get sick of this CD and it's piano sound. The next song from the same CD is just about perfect for today. Some might say I need to keep busy to stop feeling this way, but as much as it does not feel good, I know I need to feel it, to ride these waves to where I need to be.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Light Syrup and it is sweet!

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I ordered some hard to find CD's from Amazon. After some great conversation with a friend about music and other creative stuff, I came home to find one of the CD's had arrived via UPS! In Light Syrup by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I just gave a quick listen and found two more songs I love in addition to Good Intentions and Little Heaven. The first is All in All......I made these two videos myself to post quickly since they were not on You Tube.

The next song is Brother and I am also including the lyrics in a pretty cool format right below the video!. I cannot explain enough how great it feels to find great songs! That ethereal feel is here. I can't wait till the rest of my Cd's arrive!

Lyrics | Toad The Wet Sprocket lyrics - Brother lyrics

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ahhhh!! Vacation, and while a bit lonely, I finally have some time to dabble in some online searching for rare music and inspiration! I ordered several hard to find Cd's by Toad The Wet Sprocket and a solo album by Tears for Fears alpha member Roland Orzabal. I will post a song or two from this solo album that was released on 9-11-2001! Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about TFF! The album is called Tomcats Screaming Outside! This is the first time I have heard these songs! This song is SNOWDROP! Oh yes, the pictures of Bailey when he was about 5 or so show that we shouldn't be too mad at winter.....Look at that pile of snow!

The next song is Hypnoculture and shows Roland's diversity.

I am psyched that this CD is on the way here from AMAZON! Most retail stores have such a poor selection of music these days! It is is very hard for Audiophiles and aficionados to find music in a form better than the tin sound a 128 mps MP3 provides! Toads first CD Bread and Circus is no longer being printed by the manufacturer so that was very hard to find, but I got it used from Amazon.
Now for a Toad song from Dulcinea...CROWING....love it and it has that ethereal sound that so reaches deep for me. There is an acoustic version of this for free on The Toad website by Glen Phillips along with a lot of other free songs by Glen and a new group he plays with WPA!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Toad the Wet Sprocket continues to amaze me with their introspection, depth of exploration, and feeling as I explore their music!

I will give the secrets you request
And you will be the one to sacrifice
So lay your olive arms upon my breast
And sing the poems, free the butterflies

Pray your gods who ask you for your blood
For they are strong and angry jealous ones
Or lay upon my altar now your love
I fear my time is short
There are armies moving close
Be quick, my love

I feel my body weakened by the years
As people turn to gods of cruel design
Is it that they fear the pain of death
Or could it be they fear the joy of life

Pray your gods who hold you by your fear
For they are quick and ruthless punishers
Or lay upon my altar now your love
I fear my day is done
There are armies moving on
Be quick, my love

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

I have to post this song by a group that I love. Propelled by the MTV thrust and admittedly written in an effort to make a top 40 song, Tears for Fears succeeded to create a big hit. I just loved this song then and now. It is one of those songs that I just never tire of! This won't be a long post since my mattress and warm blankets are calling. But I want this song to be a part of my blog.

The next two songs are meaningful ones for me as well. They both revolve around loss for me. The first is The Last Days on Earth from their most recent CD reminds me of Vicki, and the second, which is contained on the same YouTube Video is Goodnight Song. I used this for my Father's Memorial Video back in 1993. When I heard this song it just connected deeply to saying goodbye to my Father in 1993! You have to listen to the lyrics in this song. For example, "They never mention the beauty of decay!"

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