Friday, February 19, 2010

Every Little Kiss

Like a punch in the stomach, today was as sad and low as I have felt in a long time! I mean cry real tears by yourself sadness. I had a great therapy session yesterday and we talked a lot about what I can do for myself to make life better, sweeter for me (and that doesn't mean that Vicki is forgotten or that grieving is done.) When we looked at it together, life has been pretty rough for me for since about 2004...a real Dark Night of the Soul for sure! There is just so much sadness inside of me....I feel it, and today some needed to get out.

I spent much of today converting more of my Cd's to lossless Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. I even uploaded the Cd's that Vicki had in her car, some of which I bought for her. Carly Simon, James Taylor, Sade, and more. So I heard lots of music that I haven't listened to in a while. MUSIC REALLY IS A VERY GOOD FRIEND! This song stuck from a very good CD. In fact, the best cut on the CD is The Way It Is. The cut I am posting is EVERY LITTLE KISS!

I never get sick of this CD and it's piano sound. The next song from the same CD is just about perfect for today. Some might say I need to keep busy to stop feeling this way, but as much as it does not feel good, I know I need to feel it, to ride these waves to where I need to be.

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  1. I think you are right about those feelings, my friend. They have a shelf life that will always be there until they are felt thoroughly. You are brave to keep at it... thanks for sharing this.