Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

I have to post this song by a group that I love. Propelled by the MTV thrust and admittedly written in an effort to make a top 40 song, Tears for Fears succeeded to create a big hit. I just loved this song then and now. It is one of those songs that I just never tire of! This won't be a long post since my mattress and warm blankets are calling. But I want this song to be a part of my blog.

The next two songs are meaningful ones for me as well. They both revolve around loss for me. The first is The Last Days on Earth from their most recent CD reminds me of Vicki, and the second, which is contained on the same YouTube Video is Goodnight Song. I used this for my Father's Memorial Video back in 1993. When I heard this song it just connected deeply to saying goodbye to my Father in 1993! You have to listen to the lyrics in this song. For example, "They never mention the beauty of decay!"

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