Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of the results of Michael Jackson's death has been the discovery of his music and dancing by millions of kids. In my middle school- kids are really into him. My son Bailey has really enjoyed learning about his music as well. Last night we bought the Blu-Ray DVD of THIS IS IT! The very high quality recording of Michael's rehearsals. HE STILL HAD IT! Great voice, great moves and an amazing visual experience! Here is the new recording from the DVD.

He seemed like a man who was finding some comfort with himself or least happy doing what he did best. In a way, seeing this was a healing experience because with all the media attention (some true, some not) it just felt good to see him doing his thing. Reports were saying he was so physically unfit that he could never have performed etc. etc. I watched and loved it! He was at peace, alive and doin' it!

The quality of the sound and visuals would have been spectacular. I felt bad for the musicians and dancers who worked so closely with him and had their dreams smashed when he died! Most were in tears when they learned they had been to selected to perform with him. On the other hand, they did get to spend months watching and working with him and you could see that whenever Michael performed all those not in that particular number weren't off getting lunch, they were WATCHING and amazed. I am 53 could never move like he did at 5o!

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