Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of the results of Michael Jackson's death has been the discovery of his music and dancing by millions of kids. In my middle school- kids are really into him. My son Bailey has really enjoyed learning about his music as well. Last night we bought the Blu-Ray DVD of THIS IS IT! The very high quality recording of Michael's rehearsals. HE STILL HAD IT! Great voice, great moves and an amazing visual experience! Here is the new recording from the DVD.

He seemed like a man who was finding some comfort with himself or least happy doing what he did best. In a way, seeing this was a healing experience because with all the media attention (some true, some not) it just felt good to see him doing his thing. Reports were saying he was so physically unfit that he could never have performed etc. etc. I watched and loved it! He was at peace, alive and doin' it!

The quality of the sound and visuals would have been spectacular. I felt bad for the musicians and dancers who worked so closely with him and had their dreams smashed when he died! Most were in tears when they learned they had been to selected to perform with him. On the other hand, they did get to spend months watching and working with him and you could see that whenever Michael performed all those not in that particular number weren't off getting lunch, they were WATCHING and amazed. I am 53 could never move like he did at 5o!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Voice of God in The Kingdom!

Oh, I know some people would scoff at the notion of hearing God speak, but I did feel God speaking today at a meeting after church. No matter what anyone thinks it does happen now and then. For me it is just a deep awareness that something important is being heard or felt. This morning I felt it. I think the voice of God is everywhere. I think it exists in between the things that are easy to see. Thus, it isn't actually so easy to see because we have to be still and open enough to hear it. That is the paradox that always exists with God. The most powerful force that we could possibly imagine being seen between things that are easy to see, but we must look and listen closely to see or feel it. Perhaps the voice of God is manifested in this world as the kingdom of heaven! I think we'd all agree that God is everywhere...Thomas Moore refers to the kingdom of heaven this way....

"The kingdom, too, is like an open window, nothing in itself, and yet it allows everything. it is transparent and translucent. It allows the fullness of life shine through. It is a way of seeing and living, but it is not an entity separate from ordinary existence. It is not a set of beliefs as much as a slant on life....."

The paradox is amazing when it come to God and Jesus.....Moore then also says....

"The Kingdom is invisible, empty. It's more like a color than an object, more like a sound than a structure. It isn't anything more than a point of view, but it is a perspective on life that makes all the difference. As literalism and hard belief gradually leak out of your idea of the Jesus way, you get closer to the mystery of the Kingdom. You come home."

I think this validates my feeling about the voice of God. Nothing but and music, literature, poetry, color and open window, invisible!

Moore quotes the Tao Te Ching which says....Cut doors and windows for a room; it is the holes which make it useful.

I am not ready to share what I heard and felt. But there were tears and a basic, common yearning filled journey toward the open window that the Moore and the Tao are refering to. What I felt wasn't loud and boisterous and certainly wasn't inside or present in my voice, but I heard it and what it spoke ran contrary to what my HARD BELIEF would say! But what I heard felt important yet subtle like the space between the threads of a fabric!

Tonight as snow begins falling I feel the pressure of a thousand weights pressing down on me but I know I need rest and introspection! I was surfing my music service and this song seemed to fit with lyrics like, Some things come out of nothing, as with God!.....Tears for Fears of Course!

I felt like posting this song from the same Tears CD...just because I love them so much!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Closer Than Dreams

I have a full day of things to do today, including tons, and I mean tons of essay grading which takes lots of time (maybe I should teach Math!). Yesterday as I was undecorating the tree carefully, since we have so many antique and precious ornaments and I was playing music that I have burned to a small external hard drive! The song I am posting came up and I was deeply touched by it. The song is titled Closer Than Dreams and the CD title is Play on Words, by Tom Kovar. The interesting thing about this Cd and song is that I had never played it before! It was given to me by Greg Steele who owns Derek Studios in Dalton, MA. I knew Greg because from 1993 to 2002 I rented an office and meeting room from him for the Youth Leadership Program that I directed for the American Lung Association and the Department of Public Health. I also knew Greg even before that when he worked at a really cool stereo store called Taylor'd Sound. It was the kind of shop that is hard to find today, independent with great brands that aren't necessarily found in the big box stores that have taken over! I think there is a dollor store in that spot now on upper North Street. Anyhow, I shared the second floor of the building with his recording studio! The main focus of the program was to educate teens about the dangers of tobacco use as well as other issues. I took the position to try to make a difference after my father died from lung cancer in 1993 at the age of 60! Anyhow, he gave me this CD and a few others. Tom Kovar was a local artist! I had the privilege of meeting a few other not so famous local artist and some more well known ones like Arlo Guthrie! Well, this is a short post and I am off to finish putting Christmas stuff away, correcting papers, and making sure Bailey is ready for a birthday party for his cousin in North Adams!