Sunday, January 10, 2010

Closer Than Dreams

I have a full day of things to do today, including tons, and I mean tons of essay grading which takes lots of time (maybe I should teach Math!). Yesterday as I was undecorating the tree carefully, since we have so many antique and precious ornaments and I was playing music that I have burned to a small external hard drive! The song I am posting came up and I was deeply touched by it. The song is titled Closer Than Dreams and the CD title is Play on Words, by Tom Kovar. The interesting thing about this Cd and song is that I had never played it before! It was given to me by Greg Steele who owns Derek Studios in Dalton, MA. I knew Greg because from 1993 to 2002 I rented an office and meeting room from him for the Youth Leadership Program that I directed for the American Lung Association and the Department of Public Health. I also knew Greg even before that when he worked at a really cool stereo store called Taylor'd Sound. It was the kind of shop that is hard to find today, independent with great brands that aren't necessarily found in the big box stores that have taken over! I think there is a dollor store in that spot now on upper North Street. Anyhow, I shared the second floor of the building with his recording studio! The main focus of the program was to educate teens about the dangers of tobacco use as well as other issues. I took the position to try to make a difference after my father died from lung cancer in 1993 at the age of 60! Anyhow, he gave me this CD and a few others. Tom Kovar was a local artist! I had the privilege of meeting a few other not so famous local artist and some more well known ones like Arlo Guthrie! Well, this is a short post and I am off to finish putting Christmas stuff away, correcting papers, and making sure Bailey is ready for a birthday party for his cousin in North Adams!

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  1. We did our tree today, too. Meloncholy and hopeful at the same time. Blessings to you as the new week unfolds.