Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Voice of God in The Kingdom!

Oh, I know some people would scoff at the notion of hearing God speak, but I did feel God speaking today at a meeting after church. No matter what anyone thinks it does happen now and then. For me it is just a deep awareness that something important is being heard or felt. This morning I felt it. I think the voice of God is everywhere. I think it exists in between the things that are easy to see. Thus, it isn't actually so easy to see because we have to be still and open enough to hear it. That is the paradox that always exists with God. The most powerful force that we could possibly imagine being seen between things that are easy to see, but we must look and listen closely to see or feel it. Perhaps the voice of God is manifested in this world as the kingdom of heaven! I think we'd all agree that God is everywhere...Thomas Moore refers to the kingdom of heaven this way....

"The kingdom, too, is like an open window, nothing in itself, and yet it allows everything. it is transparent and translucent. It allows the fullness of life shine through. It is a way of seeing and living, but it is not an entity separate from ordinary existence. It is not a set of beliefs as much as a slant on life....."

The paradox is amazing when it come to God and Jesus.....Moore then also says....

"The Kingdom is invisible, empty. It's more like a color than an object, more like a sound than a structure. It isn't anything more than a point of view, but it is a perspective on life that makes all the difference. As literalism and hard belief gradually leak out of your idea of the Jesus way, you get closer to the mystery of the Kingdom. You come home."

I think this validates my feeling about the voice of God. Nothing but and music, literature, poetry, color and open window, invisible!

Moore quotes the Tao Te Ching which says....Cut doors and windows for a room; it is the holes which make it useful.

I am not ready to share what I heard and felt. But there were tears and a basic, common yearning filled journey toward the open window that the Moore and the Tao are refering to. What I felt wasn't loud and boisterous and certainly wasn't inside or present in my voice, but I heard it and what it spoke ran contrary to what my HARD BELIEF would say! But what I heard felt important yet subtle like the space between the threads of a fabric!

Tonight as snow begins falling I feel the pressure of a thousand weights pressing down on me but I know I need rest and introspection! I was surfing my music service and this song seemed to fit with lyrics like, Some things come out of nothing, as with God!.....Tears for Fears of Course!

I felt like posting this song from the same Tears CD...just because I love them so much!


  1. I believe God is always speaking. Our hearts need to be open to hear Him. Praise Him...and thanks for sharing your thoughts and your journey.

    Love you guys.


  2. I sensed in the tears and stories something profound, too. Beautiful post, my friend, and GREAT tunes.