Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9-9-09 and The Beatles

The Beatles remastered Cd's are out today and I went and bought them! I have their albums but never purchased the Cd's because I thought they did not sound very good! I did have the two greatest hit compilations and the Number 1's Cd to quench my thirst. So far, I have to say they sound great and I am psyched that I bought them. The Cd's have new liner notes and rare photos as well. They are also enhanced with mini documentaries that you can watch on your computer! So far the sound really is better...fuller with more low end and from what I have read, Abbey Road engineers spent four years on this project! Now I feel that my music collection is more complete, at least as far as Cd's go! No real music collection can be without these marvelous pieces of music history!

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  1. yeah, yeah, yeah: as soon as I get my next check it is beatlemania all over again for this boy, too! thanks for posting this!