Saturday, April 24, 2010

Night Reveals What Daytime Hides

The title of this short post is a line from a David Byrne song titled "A Soft Seduction" from a solo CD called Feelings. For those who may not know, David Byrne was the lead man in the awesome group Talking Heads! When they were together, I was the first one in the store to grab their new releases. I continued to follow David's solo work, but not as closely. I never saw the Heads in concert, but I did see David Byrne live here in the Berkshires at the cozy, now defunct venue called, The Berkshire Performing Arts Center (BPAC) and then saw the rest of the group here also, as The Tom Tom Club. BOTH concerts were awesome! Anyhow, I got up early this morning ripping more of my music library onto a portable hard drive. When I got to David Byrne's stuff, I found this song, "A Soft Seduction", that really grabbed me! Those who know me will understand and he really includes irony in lines like, "The laws of chance, strange as it seems, take us exactly where we most likely need to be." He recognizes the randomness of life, but ponders the meaning of it all and wonders maybe..mostly likely..we end up where we need to be, which begins to remove the notion of chance alone? Irony! He alludes to God as a scapegoat when we blame our misfortune on the divine! And how much more Night Sea Journey can a line like the following be, "Night reveals what daytime hides." I can speak to this truth completely, and compare that line to a line from Thomas Moore in my previous blog entry, "Every decision for happiness will get you in trouble, and your occasional courageous forays into the dark will likely give you a taste of heaven." Anyhow, the song grew on me this morning, so please take a moment to listen.

The first Talking Heads album I purchased was 77, because when I heard it I couldn't sit still...I just fell in love with it, and then purchased backwards into their catalog and never missed another album! I think now just for fun I'll post a Tom Tom Club song as well! I've chosen a clip from the Talking Heads concert DVD, Stop Making Sense, which Rolling Stone calls one of the top ten greatest concert DVDs ever made!

One more song just because it is sooo much fun!

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  1. There is obviously a wonderful "sub-genre" (if that is a fair term) that weaves together spiritual but ironic sentiments in edgy but beautiful ways, yes? Certainly David Byrne et al celebrate this type of art that teases, nourishes and challenges our souls all at the same time. Keep 'em coming.