Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally! A Music Player For My Blog!

I have tried without success to post a music player in my blog, specifically in my sidebar. Well, finally I found a link and instructions for how to do it and I am psyched! Now, I can post music that is in my own personal play list! Most times in my life, I have songs that I listen to quit a bit until they fade out of my rotation and are replaced by other songs. I had to play with the player code to make it a bit narrower to fit better on my side bar, but it works wonderfully. I may even post a sermon or two that I have converted to MP3 (take note RJ). To make this happen I had to join two sites and thankfully both are free. First, I had to join MYDatanest which gives me a site to upload the MP3 files. Then I had to copy the URL for each song and post them to the music player. Then you can choose a player, color etc. Then you have to get and copy the code for your saved playlist and player and add a gadget to blogger. I may play with all the settings later. For now, I am happy with my discovery and creation! So listen away as the list grows and changes and watch for other interesting spoken word additions!

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