Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet Me Halfway!

I am taking a break from holiday cleaning to write a quick post. I have my turkey and all the fixings ready to cook tomorrow and at the moment I feel just fine. Yesterday was real tough, but I had a therapy session where I poured my heart out about many things and I got lots of validation and caring. I cannot begin to explain the value of therapy that connects and works for you. I cried lots of tears about many things and in the end my therapist said that I was an "incredibly unique human being that exists outside the mainstream" and that I should be glad about that. But, she shared that she is concerned about me because as a result she also sees me as very lonely and alone. Some of that aloneness is the result of my uniqueness and some is because of others who cannot connect and see me for me! I get lots of crazy mail from people trying to help explaining everything to me as though they KNOW what is...... and that only seems to muck things up for me. I end up feeling like I am in a crazy place..maybe like a traffic jam with no way out!

Anyhow I don't want to rant here. but I do want to include that my therapist feels that I need more connections (like RJ) that can literally get me!.....My minister and friend has been the one person who has reached out and I must say practices what he literally does preach....check out his blog... I know he doesn't seek this kind of praise but I have had a strong feeling that I need to say this. Without him I am not sure where I would be right now and ironically this connection to him is a GIFT from Vicki. I am not going to explain that gift here but I know he will understand! I will continue to search remain open-minded and at the same time steadfast in my desire to follow the new myth that Jesus proposes and explained in Thomas Moore's book, WRITING IN THE SAND.....

"Jesus is proposing a new myth to live by, an alternative vision for accomplishing these four goals: to have a spiritual existence, to have a appropriate relationship with the natural world, to live by real communal values and to be psychologically secure and CREATIVE."

I cannot believe that the only reason I began this blog entry was to play a few new tunes....I know I post lots of older music and that is the result of 45 years or so of listening and collecting, but I do still listen to new music. It isn't as easy as it one was. I used to have time to just sit on my bed in my room as a teenager and young adult and just listen and also read every word of the ALBUM cover, sleeve, etc...

I watched the American Music Awards the other night and I enjoyed the program. Some music grabbed me..some didn't! Here are a couple of songs and groups that I listen to. The first song by the Black Eyed Peas actually has some meaning and I think some connection to this blog entry which I did not initially intend. You may want to go to You Tube to see this one since it is HD and you can't see the whole screen here! Fergie is very nice to look at as well!:-) I hope a few people who know me hear it and can make some sense of will take some imagination.

The next song is from The Kings of Leon and again I think some connection to this blog. I am still a bit amazed that my desire to just share some music has resulted in connections. Ahh..the souls longings can be so amazing if we have imagination and creativity in our everyday lives! I love songs that have an other-worldly feel ( Toad the Wet Sprocket) and I think this song has that feel!

Back to holiday preparation! The pics included in this blog are from my Christmas past! I love the picture of Bailey posing under the tree! He is truly a gift!

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  1. Steve - I'm on your side...just in my individual way. I love you and Bailey. Please know I am praying for you.