Monday, November 23, 2009

REMASTERED But Never Replicated!

The November/December issue of BERKSHIRE LIVING has another great review and article about the Beatles and their newly remastered music. Seth Rogovoy is right on again, not only about the quality of these new recordings, but also in his analysis of their music in his article titled, EVEN FABBER. He begins with...

I mean, I knew they were great—heck, beyond great. They were essential, innovative, transformative, simply the greatest ever. I knew that it went without saying that all music that came after them was unthinkable without their influence, that nothing was left untouched by their musical legacy, reaching far beyond the confines of rock and pop to include even the most avant-garde new classical music by the likes of Bang on a Can. Their influence was so widespread and widely felt that it was rarely worth noting; it would be like saying Western religion is influenced by the Bible or modern physics by Albert Einstein. The Beatles created and defined modern pop and rock as we know it.He then goes on to make 5 important observations...

1.The Beatles were first and foremost a vocal group.

2.The Beatles were at once a minimalist combo and a rock"n" roll orchestra.

3. The unsung hero of the group was George Harrison.

4. Producer George Martin was right: the "White Album" would have made a great single album.

5. The Beatles were not John Lennon's group. While it’s a fact that Lennon put the group together, and in his inimitable, passive-aggressive fashion, broke the group apart, the Beatles were, perhaps more than any other band before or since, an organic entity of four equal parts, the sum of which was much greater than any individual element.

All that I can say is that I loved and still love the music and know that when I heard those songs at age 6, 7 and 8 I felt like it I had never heard anything like it before and LOVED to sing along!!!! I am glad to own all of these remastered Cd's and they sound great on a great sound system!

Here is the link to this great article for all of you hardcore Beatles fans! (RJ) :-)

One more great song!

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  1. Great post, my man, and I will check out the link! They changed my life: they made me experience a rock'n'roll Pentecost when they played Ed Sullivan that first time and kept pushing me beyond all limits - and I still play their tunes to this day. Keep on rocking my man, keep on rockin.