Friday, April 24, 2009


I was sitting here listening to music from my hard drive and a song came up and I am overwhelmed with emotion with this memory from last summer! I had purchased Rock Band for Bailey and he had been looking forward to playing drums since he plays percussion in school. He also had been mastering Guitar Hero for awhile so he was looking forward to playing another instrument! Well one night we decided to have a family band and of course Bailey had the drums and I agreed to play lead guitar....then we had to talk Vicki into lead singer. She really didn't want to do it and let us know she had no idea about the songs we were considering. For what reason I do not remember, well maybe it was one of the few songs with a female lead singer, we chose to try "I Think I'm Paranoid" by GARBAGE. An irony considering Vicki's status as a church school superintendent and elementary school teacher. (You'll see what I mean when you hear and see the video) The first time through we all made mistakes but it went pretty well. I got the hang of the guitar and Bailey was loving the drums. If you have never played Rock Band you have to know that you really sing into a mic and must hit the notes to score in the game well. Well, of course Vicki hit the notes but she sang in a way that sounded like her Church Choir voice. It was sort of like Marilyn Manson meets Pavarotti and Bailey knew that it was wrong. He sternly let Vicki know that she was in the wrong key or something like that and she wasn't doing it right. Well, the second time through was perfect. We clicked as a band and I was amazed at way Vicki changed her voice to match that of Shirley Manson the lead singer of the band. We were sooo excited that we even did the song again and ended the night discussing our next band rehearsal! She was so cute and I can still hear her singing that night. She had a big smile on her face. Memories are is the song.....

Of course within a week I went out and bought the CD since I liked the song.....and the more I listen closely the more irony hear!!!

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