Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Good Day!

Today was a good day! I spent a few hours today chatting with a friend! It was an honest, open sharing of ideas and experiences.....Music, theology, memory..simple and complicated thoughts and lots of synchronicity and meaning! The two of many others are seekers of truth and we realize none of us possesses it all. In fact in the span of things we probably have very little!! This journey of light and dark and many shades of gray that we call life is a miracle all by itself. To be alive on this globe spinning around the middle of a universe is a reminder to remain humble to the forces of nature. We are evolving and changing. Life gives way to death which paves the way for life again! The world can be transformed from a place of violence and selfishness to place of peace and community! Open minds and open hearts are the key to a life that can appreciate beauty and embrace and cope with tragedy! We can be sure that we will experience all sorts of pain and pleasure in life!
This song is perfect.............and very Beatles...on purpose.......

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