Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me and My Big Ideas!

Today was just a bland day and I just felt wiped out. Since Vicki died I just have days like that...kinda down and lethargic! I spent lots of time thinking about Vicki and her quiet way of going about living her life! I am more talkative and full of spoken words. I guess you could say I was the big mouth of the two of us. Sometimes that difference caused strain...sometimes it worked perfectly! The bottom line is her quiet service to God on this planet endeared her to hundreds of people. Her memorial service was certainly evidence of her impact. My big mouth hasn't accomplished nearly as much....I guess there is a lesson there.

Tears for Fears music really appeals to me. Most of their songs revolve around the human condition. Their first Album about childhood trauma (THE HURTING)was big in England but did poorly here because it was so melancholy! The second Album, Songs From The Big Chair got it's inspiration from Arthur Janov and his primal scream therapy which both members of the group took part in, thus the BIG Chair reference. The hit song, Shout was in fact about Scream Therapy! I love psychology..it was my major in college and my interest in life along with philosophy and theology! I guess I have typed my way full circle to my own childhood which was full of hurting due to alcohol abuse by my Father!

Anyhow...my Favorite Album by Tears is Raoul and The Kings of Spain. This next song is also from that CD and like most of this amazing CD touches on faith in GOD! Some musicians just appeal to you for reasons unknown..this music just does!!!!! This song is full of Paradox!

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  1. I LOVE "shout" and this band too my man... it is funny how the quiet way often lasts longer than most of our words, yes? I am soooo grateful you are doing this.