Friday, May 8, 2009

Crying in the Rain!

I threw this video together late last after finishing my last entry. I really like the way it came out even though I did it very quickly. I also love the audio quality of my own video uploads from my pc.

It is so often true that children learn to keep the life they lead and pain they feel in an alcoholic home secret. Just listening to music was never enough for me. I used to sing each song like I was the lead singer and everyone was watching me. The fantasy felt so good and the escape was life saving! Of course when my father came home...the music had to be turned off!

Something cool happened when I made this video. I went online and found some art that I liked and quickly dragged the pictures onto the timeline above the music track. I paid no particular attention to their order and in no way knew how they would line up with the lyrics of the song. When I did a run through to see how it would look it lined up pretty well and the EACH RAINDROP IS A KISS FROM HEAVEN picture lines up perfectly with the line from the song, "raindrops falling from heaven could never wash away my misery". Interesting irony!

I am eternally grateful to mother who is the person that put music in my life. She was only 17 when I was born in 1956 and had a decent collection of albums and 45's that I listened to. She liked rock/pop and had a taste for country as well. She had Johnny Cash records as well as Beatles 45's. I remember discovering her Everly's albums and wow....what great music to sing to. The Everly brothers are an incredibly important group in the history of rock and roll. Even the Beatles list them as an influence! I copied this Bio to save my brain....

The Everly Brothers were not only among the most important and best early rock & roll stars, but also among the most influential rockers of any era. They set unmatched standards for close, two-part harmonies and infused early rock & roll with some of the best elements of country and pop music. Their legacy was and is felt enormously in all rock acts that employ harmonies as prime features, from the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and legions of country-rockers to modern-day roots rockers like Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe (who once recorded an EP of Everlys songs together).

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