Sunday, May 3, 2009


It has really been a rough week. My energy has been low and motivation was out the window. I know there will be times like this and I know God's grace sustains me and my son. Church was awesome today and gave me a spark. When the service ended and I got into my car and Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys was on the radio....pretty cool! Anyhow, I have to take some time to talk about my 13 year old son, Bailey. He is talented musically and is just a really good son! He plays percussion in school (7th grade). That means he plays many things including the xylophone. But he also plays the piano, guitar and recorder. His teacher says that he has a gift. He can play music that he hears without reading notes! He has never had a piano lesson, yet in the school's fall jazz concert he played the piano in addition to percussion and xylophone. We are both struggling with the loss of Vicki. Bailey was incredibly close to his mother and I am proud of how strong he has been. Together we struggle! We need each other more than ever, but we are both hurting, mourning and figuring out this new world. IT ISN"T EASY! Bailey loves guitar hero, so we decided to make a video of him playing the game. In the video, he says he going to play a Metallica song but instead he plays Cliffs of Dover. I hope you enjoy it! Bailey loves the idea of being on the internet! Oh yes thank you to Don and Judy...members of our church, who had us over for dinner Friday night. They are so nice and the food was excellent!

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