Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I love it when I am searching through my music and find a song that I really never listened to before! You know you buy a CD and listen to the hits and because of time issues you never really get to listen to the whole CD or maybe you just missed a song. I ripped all of my Cd's onto a portable hard drive at lossless quality and I love how quickly I can access any Cd or any song in seconds. I found this song and it just felt right! Like buried treasure it gave me chills and moved me in a way that feels so familiar and yet brand new too....

So no great observations :-) in this post just a song that meant something to me in a moment...and it felt good!

I have been in need of energy and the next song has lots of it..plus with lines like"I believe in love surviving death until eternity", and "I believe that God does not endorse T.V, evangelists!", it has some meaning! I was into Savage Garden and love some songs by Darren Hayes after Savage Garden ended!

Please give a listen......What??? Am I turning into a DJ? :-)


  1. Yeah, you are and a damn good one, too! Keep it up... I love these tunes.

  2. Steve - in my view, this is your best blog. Such emotions all tied together with supporting facts. I could just feel your heart in these words. You have such a great gift! God has blessed in some very special ways.