Sunday, May 31, 2009


First of all I loved the movie, OH GOD! and for me it always possessed some pretty darn good ideas. I've included the John Denver interview of George Burns (as God) clip. But, I also love the part where an interdenominational group of church leaders present God with questions to answer to prove John Denver has spoken to The REAL GOD! I believe this clip really makes sense in some very profound ways. If you disagree let me know! You have to at least laugh!

I also copied and pasted the following review of this movie....

This is a great example of how the secular world would like to picture God, even with concessions to Believers such as, "Yes, God is still alive." Unfortunately, in the name of humor - and it IS funny - they make the fatal mistake most Biblically- ignorant people make: they put God on the same level as human beings. So, here we see God portrayed humorously by George Burns but really not a whole lot more than any good human being, anything but holy and perfect God. For just one example, in the film, "God" admits he makes mistakes. If that were true, he wouldn't be God. Puh-leeze.

Why not connect the secular to the sacred. Seems like we need both and they need to be connected! Maybe this movie was prophetic when you consider what is happening to organized religion! I suggest you go to the following blog for more on this topic and even more to come! The author of this review is guilty of the same literal and limited biblically expert thinking that has plagued Christianity for a long time. This art form, film, does communicate relevant thinking, as does music, poetry, painting, and literature to name a few. If truth can only be expressed aesthetically--in story, picture, film, dance and music, then things that can be imagined are open to be re-imagined and that reality scares people because they want to possess the truth for themselves in ways that preserve the way things are and give themselves the illusion of being GOD!

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  1. Oh a ROCKIN' good post. I heard someone recently say that the consolation of the imagination does NOT mean imaginary consolation! There is a whole new way of being spiritual that makes none of these false in/out or yes/no or sacred/secular distinctions... and I think that makes God - and George Burns - very, very happy.