Monday, June 22, 2009

23rd Wedding Anniversary! JUNE 22, 1986

Vicki and I were married 23 years ago today, so Bailey and I went out to dinner. One year ago the three of us went out together and enjoyed a fun dinner to celebrate! (Oh yes, Bailey gets his surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m.) We picked the band that played at our wedding reception because they could play Talking Heads songs and while Vicki never cared much for them, they were, and are one my favorite groups ....They played this song especially for us that day 23 years ago!

I also want to post a Paula Cole song because Vicki loved her voice and loved many of her songs! I bought Vicki her latest CD, COURAGE, last summer and this is one of my favorite songs and expresses lots of real feeling for me today and every day that Vicki is gone! Vicki also commented that she thought our minister's wife Dianne sounded a lot like Paula and I have to agree! Her comment to Dianne really sticks in my head from the last week of Vicki's life. I uploaded this song to You Tube using a Christmas picture of our front hallway looking festive with holiday lighting and candles!

Today, just like Father's Day yesterday are difficult thresholds to cross on this journey into a completely new life.

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