Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

A late afternoon I won't forget took place today. Sitting with a friend talking, ironically about music and life and out of the corner of my eye I see a BREAKING NEWS story about Michael Jackson suffering a cardiac arrest and soon after the announcement that he in fact was dead. We were both in shock and for moments silent. The fun conversation lost it's momentum and turned to sadness for a while before we began to speak about Michael and how amazing he was as an entertainer. I loved his music and when he danced I was simply in awe! Hearing Thriller for the first time and Eddie Van Halen playing that killer guitar on Beat It just sent me into a musical nirvana! Yes, like a lot of us, but in a much more public and sad way, Michael was broken deep inside and we may never understand the reasons why. In spite of his brokenness, he brought joy and excitement to millions through his art. I certainly will continue to listen in awe and I pray that his legacy will allow the good stuff to rise to the top and let his soul rest in peace! This live video says it all!

This was always one of my my favorite songs from the album Off The Wall...

I am not ashamed to say that as I posted this last video I cried! I am sure this death scratches up against my own loss! Micheal's art will reverberate it's beat throughout the universe forever!

One more song....


  1. He was an amazing performer with such incredible talent...I too hope this past decade of unfavorable publicity will vanish and he will rise a star once more.

  2. I cried too, my man... watching this and writing my own reflections... which, ironically, I called man in the mirror... I am glad we shared this sad time... and a great dinner, too.