Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just like life today's church service at The First Church of Christ on Park Square was both enlightening and surprising. I certainly experienced what was honestly, and I mean truly honestly, the most touching moment I have ever experienced in a Sunday church service. Rev. James (R.J.) ending his sermon titled, "Taking Ourselves More Lightly..." with a touching and heartfelt acoustic version of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. He explained and I realize that Michael was a broken and in some ways a twisted human being. But at the same time he was at times able to rise above that brokenness and thrill us with his art and bring joy to millions. What a surprise to hear such words and experience such a heartfelt piece of contemporary music in a church service. I could barely contain my emotions!

Here is a piece of today's sermon to give the essence of the message....

There seems to be a connection between humility and wholeness and I have come to believe that humor is one of the best ways we can cultivate and nourish a holy humility in our ordinary lives. Not only does gentle humor turn the tables on our culture of cynicism, bringing us closer to joy, hope and trust, it does so in a way that is festive and satisfying.

With these words in mind, a wonderful congregation member stood up and played a song he wrote for a class that was supposed to be humorous! It was fun as the rest of the congregation was invited to sing a part! Just another surprise in a church service that felt more like joyous life than mundane dogma that does nothing to enlighten the soul! Today's service gave me a lift. I left feeling better than when I went in! Yes, I am still grappling with a hand that life has dealt me, but on this day my church made a difference! Then there was the beautiful song performed by Dianne and Jenna! BEAUTIFUL! If you would like to experience this kind of spiritual light please join me some Sunday at 10:30! My blog has a link to the church web site.

ALL I CAN SAY NOW IS THANK YOU.....For a church where after being seated I never know what aesthetic wonder may envelop my senses. Today was truly a Service of Surprise!

One more rendition of Man in the Mirror!

I love this song of off HIStory...look at the amazing dance moves!


  1. well, I am really glad this whole day spoke to you... me, too. we are blessed to be exploring uncharted territory together. let's keep on, yes?

  2. Absolutely an adventure and glad to be in it with you!