Thursday, August 6, 2009


Finally! Bailey had his cast removed on Tuesday and everything is going well! The Surgeon is pleased with the progress of the bones in his arm! He isn't completely healed and we have an appointment to return in one month. He will still have to have another procedure to remove the hardware in his arm. Bailey's least favorite thing about cast removal is the spinning saw with a vacuum attached for dust because he was worried that it would cut his arm!

He has a pretty decent scar on his arm that will fade somewhat as he ages and the doctor has promised that he can have the titanium rod that is inside one of the two bones! I asked permission to take a few pictures with my phone and here they are! Bailey proceeded to spend most of the rest of the day with a friend in a swimming pool. He was told by the doctor to not engage in high risk behavior like skateboards, scooters, bikes etc...

The Evil saw! Man it was a loud and menacing contraption! So the doctor showed us the bone is filling in and growing just like Bailey, as evidenced by the fact that his pants are too short and he is getting closer and closer to looking at me eye to eye! I can't resist posting a great song from James Taylor's recent COVERS CD....

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  1. Love JT...thanks.

    What a skinny little arm. Guess that's what happens when kept from activity for some time.