Saturday, August 22, 2009


The title of this blog comes from a song by HEART.....If you love me like music I'll be your song......sometimes words are not necessary where there is soul.....Please listen!

I do have to explain this next has happened before where I buy a CD and quickly listen to the songs and of course the hits grab me and I find a few more and they become my play list for that CD. Then sometime later on (sometimes years later) I listen again and discover absolute gems! It feels like life (forces of nature) brings us together, the music and me, for a soul filled meaningful reason. Sometimes to make you smile and dance, sometimes to mourn and weep! This next song by Savage Garden is one of those songs and what SYNCHRONICITY! Questions and introspection.....

I just got this vibe to include a poem I wrote in 1977, just two years removed from high school.


You're a first drop of rain
or a whisper of snow
when a fresh climate is needed
for me to grow.
You're a rainbow of color
that paints a vision
a composer of solutions
to guide my decisions.
This poem is a symbol
of what you mean to me
but there is something else
that maybe you didn't see.
Between each of these words
lies a HEARTBEAT or two
of my life in bloom
since I began loving you.


  1. Love the poem, Steve. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.

  2. lovely and tender and raw and real: thank you.