Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Definiton of Greatness Isn't Perfection!

I watched the funeral service held in Boston for Senator Edward Kennedy and I am exhausted. I cried and I cried, especially when Senator Kennedy's son Ted Jr. spoke. His genuine and incredibly enlightened eulogy moved me so very much and epitomized the greatness of the Senator! I know through therapy that an effect of loss is of course sensitivity to loss. The death of Senator Kennedy marks a place in history that won't be easily forgotten, not only because of what he accomplished in spite of all that he endured, but also because he was able to fulfill the promise that his older brothers were not given time do. The insanity that murdered hope and promise was conquered by a man that overcame many obstacles through compromise, respect and action that in my mind can be described as loving kindness! Ted Kennedy's greatness was indeed due to his ability to be like a lion, but it was also because he was able to be like a lamb, giving of himself tirelessly. Working for, and respecting all, even his adversaries!

There is a lesson in this 77 year long life for all of us who have ears to listen! Broken and imperfect and yet he ends up being the most profound and effective legislator of our time! Listen to the moving words by President Obama!

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  1. dear man I had the same deep and exhausting reaction to this beautiful tribute: so close and so deep. thank you for your words and your love.