Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day With Witches

On Friday July 10, Bailey and I decided to take a day trip to Salem, Massachusetts to visit the Witch Museum and all the other historical sites in this old seaside city. First of all, it was an absolutely beautiful day so walking around was very pleasant. The only hard part of the day was parking, but after securing a spot we were on our way. We started with Salem Witch Village and the Bailey tried Frankenstein's laboratory just for fun ( a kind of spook house). We took a guided tour of a witch museum where a young woman dressed in period clothing took us through a dimly lit series of displays with life size figures to explain from beginning to end the witch hysteria of 1692. It was fascinating indeed. Two things that struck me were that teenage girls started the whole thing with false accusations and one outcome of the whole thing ended up being the rivalry between Harvard and Yale which I will not explain here!

I forgot my camera but luckily my new phone has a decent all the pictures are from Salem that day! Bailey outside of one of the souvenir shops. He bought a few things including a few necklaces.

The cemetery was pretty amazing!

The fake people in the historical tour were scary to say the least but we enjoyed the information.

After all that scary stuff we went out to eat and suddenly something came over Bailey! First he started behaving childishly like he was under a spell!

Even his eyes took on a spooky quality and then he put a spell on our waitress and she gave us our food for free!

When we left the restaurant without tipping this creature chased us into the parking lot! We made it out safely and so far Bailey seems back to normal!
Halloween is 3 or 4 months away but here is a song for the mood anyway!

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