Friday, July 17, 2009


A few years ago I made a couple of DVDs of Christmas and Bailey's school musical performances and Vicki loved them. Then when Bailey was 5 we made a video for Vicki for Mother's Day. Bailey wanted the video to contain all the cool things he did outside like riding his, bike, scooter, big wheel and electric car. He also wanted to show her a few sports like the swings, basketball, and soccer. We taped all of this while Vicki was out somewhere and then I did the editing and made a DVD for Vicki! Bailey has been watching these DVDs the last few days, especially the one I have decided to post. In fact, I am posting this because of his enjoyment watching them! Keep your eye on Bailey as he encounters a few bees and struggles to make one basket while shooting basketball. The part where he can't make a basket really cracks him up today! I think he looks adorable in his hat and wish I could shrink him back to that size just once in a while! Let me know what you think....

The next song I am posting is absolutely one of my favorite Beach Boys tunes and I found this video while waiting for Bailey's video to upload.

And just because I love music and because this song is about loss I want to post Robet Plant's I believe....The song is about his son who died from a stomach infection and that led to Plant giving up drugs...I copied this bit of information...

LED ZEPPELIN frontman ROBERT PLANT ditched drugs the day his son KARAC died in 1977.

The STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN rocker became painfully aware of life's fragility when he lost his beloved six-year-old to a fatal stomach infection. Plant subsequently vowed to live more modestly and put his family first.

Plant says, "I haven't taken a drug since that day.

"I thought, 'How am I ever going to deal with the next moment and put my shoulders back and be a man?' I thought I'd better re-focus the whole deal.

"I still drink, and I don't spill much. But my days are long and they're beautiful."

I can just feel the emotion in the lyrics as could anyone who has endured great loss. These lyrics from an earlier post help me to close this one.

In the sunlight that's where I'll be
In the moon night close your eyes,
You will see me
In the sunrise in the twilight
I'll be the morning and the evening star
I will be there with you
wherever you are.


  1. Love that video of Bailey...what a precious gift for Vicki to have soulful and sweet.

  2. Thanks for sharing one of the intimate times for your family. I am in awe of the young man Bailey has become and what a wonderful boy he was. He is a precious gift.