Friday, July 3, 2009

Potato Salad

I have read about and believe in the upside down, inside out or whatever words you want to use to describe the paradoxical nature of the Kingdom of God in this contemporary world! Truly living becomes something you do that goes against the grain for sure. But today I am pondering my secular world and it is surely upside down and very different than before Vicki died. For example, my eating habits have completely changed! Not only do I have to plan and cook everything, but I have to live without all the amazing things Vicki prepared, like her potato salad. I loved it freshly made and warm and delicious. I would stuff myself taking for granted the delight that a simple meal could be. The flavor was her own. Sounds simple and easy, but I have tears in my eyes as I contemplate making my own version. I called my mother, since I know Vicki made her version much like my mother does. So off to the store to buy what I need. It isn't that Vicki made a gourmet meal every night. Sometimes she made easy, simple things because of the pace of life! But she did study and plan cooking and she made some amazing things. I remember early in our marriage when she made her own Chinese food. Using her wok she made a tasty meal. I remember the bird's nest potatoes which were these crunchy, stringy fried things piled high on my plate that are making my stomach growl right now. There are so many things in life we can take for granted. We can try to delight in the little things that can make life such a joy. So with the Fourth of July on my heels, I venture out to make a tradition continue in a new/old way...potato salad!

I am posting this song from Bruce Springsteen's The Rising....Let's Be Friends (Skin to Skin). It is the song that comes to mind since it is about change.."Good times gotta a way of comin' to an end" and making the most out of life.....There was not a large selection of video on You Tube of this isn't what I would choose but Springsteen only did this song live once and it wasn't great...sorry Bruce fans...I am a fan too!

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