Monday, July 27, 2009


Bailey and I went to visit a friend on Saturday and we had lots of fun playing Monster Golf, swimming and riding the Motion Odyssey Movie at Jordan's Furniture! Monster golf is a miniature golf game played indoors with black light illuminating the entire course! We had a nice dinner out and headed home. Bailey slept for some of the ride home and I listened to Satellite radio. I got into a groove on the sixties channel and inspired this blog entry. There is something so relaxing about great music in the dark driving under a starlight sky. The first song that caught my ear was Sugar Shack by Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs (1963). Not a deep and meaningful song but just brings back memories of being 7 or 8 eight years old playing my Mother's 45's and loving this tune. Music doesn't have to have direct spiritual meaning although that is wonderful. Sometimes it is just about the memories it conjures up so vividly! I suppose there is a kind of spirit to that isn't there? Anyhow, I sat there in the car with Bailey sleeping singing to my hearts content!

Well, when I went to You Tube to get the song to post here I found this interesting comment from a listener.

"My fondest memory of this song was when our "good old Southern Baptist preacher" got up one Sunday morning and preached to the teenagers on the evil music we listened to on the radio. He used Sugar Shack as an example as he preached about wild and lustful teenage romances and sinful relationships. Half of us hadn't even heard Sugar Shack but the next day we all hurried down to the local record shop and bought up all the copies. Loved that music ,1963 what a year. Sweet Memories!

Funny thing about this guy's comment is that I went to church this past Sunday and heard rock music as part of a church service...yes Springsteen, Coldplay and more. The sermon this special day was about the importance of blending secular music into the 21st century is the link to the minister's blog...

Here is the song...

My father owned a 1963 Chevy Impala SS that was his pride and joy. In fact my father taught me how to drive in that car! He never let anyone get the best of him in that machine and I remember some pretty scary rides when he would drag race with me in the car!

The next song is a great one about loneliness and love. The song just sounded extra good on the Mass Pike that night!

The last song that really meant so much to me is another great one and in the dark of that drive really echoed my feelings. So much has changed and so many challenges ahead of me. I felt like I was hearing the words to this song for the very first time. They went straight to my soul! I do feel such insecurity and sadness and I am in a deep place of contemplation and meaning! Sometimes just overwhelming feelings!

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  1. ah the stories we could tell about each of these songs: 1) I owned Sugar Shack and used to listen to it almost every night during the summer before the Beatles hit big; 2) Then the Beatles - it was AGONY waiting for HELP to be released I was such a fan; and I used to go to my neighbor's basement and play that we WERE the Beatles to the HELP album once it was released; 3) And Bill Withers - we played this song when daughter number 2 was away during high school for a year in Spain; every time we went by her room it was all we could hear: it even wound up on the answering maching for a bit. What a great and moving posting...