Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The following post is inspired by this post at the blog... when love comes to town! Here is the link to the post

Poetry in the larger sense of the word--poems, stories, myths, paintings, dances, dreams--is the most exhilarating and transporting vehicle for travel there is. More effective than space shuttles, more penetrating than warp speed starships, and more probing than Mars rovers, poetry takes us far, far away to a reality that is at once our own and absolutely alien..--Thomas Moore, Original Self....Living with Paradox and Originality


  1. this is an incredible song and a brilliant quote from TM. I don't know the music of Tears for Fears nearly well enough so you are providing a profound tutorial.

  2. I love that quote about envelopes all that it is! Thank you for sharing it tonight!