Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, another music post as I continue to re-rip all of my music onto a portable hard drive. I had completed this task last summer but an accidental drop 2 feet to the floor lost all the information. Oh well, there are worse things in life! These songs jump forward from the edge of my last post to main stream pop, hip hop and three female artists!

Oh yes and Bailey finally got a hair cut and I am relieved......I am all for self expression but my handsome, skinny son just looks better with a fuller shorter (but not short) cut! Thanks to Barbara at the Clip Shop!

The first song is from Janet Jackson and her most recent Cd titled, DISCIPLINE released in 2008. The song is LUV and as this post title suggests, LUV is a kind of madness and it can "get you caught in a mess you're a wreck! Somebody call the paramedics!" I also need to interject another M.J. thought here....this is a line from an interlude in Janet's Velvet Rope CD..."There is nothing more depressing than having everything and still feeling sad. You must water your spiritual garden." True and prophetic!

Next a song from Madonna's 2008 CD Hard Candy! This is an excerpt from a review, "Hard Candy is all hard edges and blaring primary colors, an utterly modern, steely sex album for the new millennium, the age of Cialis and an era when Top 40 has pretty much ceased to exist. A pop artist as sharp as Madonna knows this, so she has abandoned the idea of a big crossover hit and pitches Hard Candy directly toward her core audience of club-conscious, fashion-forward trendsetters." She utilizes very hip and vital collaborators such as Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams and the incomparable Kanye West to make a CD that I truly enjoyed! I have chosen a less edgy cut simply because I like it and Madonna plays acoustic guitar.

My last song is a very soulful hip groove from Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) off of her THE DUTCHESS CD from 2006. The song is titled, All That I Got (The Make Up Song). I hope someone enjoys this!

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